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Design & Engineering

Vital Systems is different from most of the other contract assembly businesses in the PCB assembly spaces. We specialize in manufacturing electronics and most of all we design and engineer products, literally from napkins to marketable products. We have engineered complex ship self-defense systems for the navy, delivering two version of these ruggedized equipment to the navy, meeting 85g and 120g shock requirements. For the industrial application we have developed safety products for the rail industry. After delivering several thousand units for use in the US market we are now delivering this technology, that we developed at Vital Systems to the European markets.

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85g Rugged Electronics

Vital Systems helped navy develop this version of chassis packed with electronics and capable of withstanding 85g shock. This was in production for nearly 20 years at Vital Systems.

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120g Rugged Electronics

For use on navy ships, this chassis was specified to meet 120g shock, RFI, EMI and water ingress protection requirements.

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ECG Machine

Vital Systems designed and engineered, hardware and application to run this hand held portable ECG machine for pharmaceutical industry.

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Rail Safety Transponder

Vital Systems designed, engineered and manufacture this portable device for the rail industry. Now in use in the USA and Europe

Production Machines

We have implemented several simple and complex machines that automate the manufacturing processes, making manufacturing more efficient and product more consistent thereby delivering the highest quality of our workmanship to our customers.

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