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The Vital Difference

Vital Systems offers what few companies offer: the finest in electronic manufacturing and the experience to help our customers design new products. With our manufacturing background we design new products for manufacturability and with it comes reliability while at the same time keeping the manufacturing cost low.

Experience Matters

Vital Systems Corporation was established in 1986. With a single mission to provide the highest quality services. We received navy’s highest certification to manufacture Department of Defense electronics. Since then, we have produced equipment for the US Navy, US Air Force, and many defense contractors namely Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and others. Today, our customers include industrial leaders located nationwide. One such company is Tesla that relies heavily on our quality of service.

As a design company we have designed and engineered military and industrial products.  For the US Navy we engineered their Ship Self Defense Systems to withstand 85g shock and another equipment engineered to meet 120g shock.  

We also design and build machinery for unique processes to increase efficiency and also to reduce manufacturing cost.

Business Management System

It is not just an MRP or an ERP system, Vital Systems developed a powerful enterprise management system called B2 that runs the entire company. 

From developing new business, quoting, order entry, production planning, document control, process monitoring, SPC, purchasing, inventory, helping customers place consigned inventory onsite with a portal to perform MRP and plan next production runs. 

From order entry through each manufacturing step, it tracks every unit’s progress till it is delivered to the customer’s dock. 

This system helps increase productivity, puts relevant information where needed and when it is needed, makes the company run effortlessly with a smaller work force and with greater productivity, accuracy, and quality.

For the management team it provides full HR, Accounting, Financial reporting.

We Deliver Quality Services

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty reflects how a company is respected for its services. We take pride in recognizing the loyalty our customers have shown us. On average our customers have been with us for over 25 years and one special customer has been with us since 1988. That, we call is our true reflection of the quality our services.

99% Untested First Pass

Once the PCB assembly is complete, these units are electrically tested. Here we expect 99 units out of 100 to pass electrical tests.  The 1% that fails are due to defective components or workmanship issues. For decades our customers provide their test data confirming 99% pass. 

Tested First Pass 100%

When we ship electrically tested PCB assemblies, we assure 100% of the units to work right out of the box. That is how we maintain a high level of customer confidence in our services. We take pride in this high level of consistent quality performance.

Prototype in 1 Day

When a new product is being developed and there is a need to meet critical deadlines, there are ways to gain time by ordering prototype units on expedite run. That’s where Vital Systems can help deliver prototype units in just one day. Planning required.

Prototype in 5 Days

We recognize prototype runs are time critical to the overall new product development timeline. Prototype units are important for design validation, therefore we offer standard priced runs and yet deliver the prototype units in 5 Day. Planning required.

Production in 10 Days

Vital Systems delivers production runs in 10 business days. Large runs are scheduled to customer delivery requirements. Planning required.

SMT Specialization

Vital Systems specializes in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and we have been assembling surface mounted devices since 1986. Today, we employ sophisticated robotics to populate PCB with incredible precision and speed. BGA, QFN, small devices 01005, parts on parts (POP) and we do it all, right the first time and every time.

Small PCBA

We build thousands of small PCBA 0.25 x 0.25 (6mm x 6mm) and larger for IOT, VCXO, Cameras and RF transceivers and many other applications. These tiny devices are packed with BGA, QFN, small passives, and more. Each assembled unit is programmed and electrically tested before delivery.  

On Time Delivery​

In this time sensitive world, we play an important role by delivering the orders on schedule. When issues arise our sales team will promptly contact the customer informing them of the issues and possible schedule spillage.

Consigned Inventory

We offer the flexibility our customer prefer to inventory their materials at Vital Systems. Materials are drop shipped from their suppliers.  Vital Systems performs all the verification, receiving inspections and then place the materials in dedicated spaces in inventory onsite at Vital Systems.  Inventory status is provided through our website and the information is updated in real time. Many more helpful tools are offered like MRP, Assemblies, Serial Number, Kit Audit, Test Data and more.

Turnkey & Supply Chain

With Turnkey option we make it simple to deliver quality product on schedule. We start with the specifications and delivery schedule, then work with our global and local supply chain partners to procure materials at best cost and schedule. We procure, inventory, kit, assemble, test and deliver finished products to our customer’s satisfaction.

Inventory Onsite

Vital Systems offers a powerful option of Inventory Management Onsite at Vital Systems. It makes sense to place inventory where it will be used. Plus counting parts and database update is old, we manage your inventory safely and you can plan your production using the MRP through our website. 

Wave Soldering

For through hole mass soldering the technology is Wave Soldering. It has been around for a long time and is still the main stay. However the improvements in the equipment we use are incredible and these are the drivers for quality production process.

Selective Soldering

Selective Soldering is employed in specialized processes to deliver consistent quality without fixtures. Use of Nitrogen gas offers a better soldering space for cleaner and more reliable solder connections.

Fine Tuned Process

Our teams are highly trained and very experienced in their processes. There is no guess work, we build the product deliberately to achieve perfect results every time.


Automated Optical Inspection or AOI technology delivers higher yield while at the same time provides very high level of inspection quality. We employ this technology to capture SMT defects and correct them before the finished products are shipped to the customers.


X-Ray technology is used for inspection of “hidden from view” solder connections. Like the solder connection under a BGA and a QFN. This technology is absolutely necessary on many levels, for production and monitoring quality of the processes.

SPC Monitoring

Vital Systems employs process control in critical areas of the production. Statistical Process Control SPC, this method collects data for individual unit to assure quality of process is maintained and this intern assures quality of each product.

On Time Delivery​

In this time sensitive world, we play an important role by delivering the orders on schedule. When issues arise our sales team will promptly contact the customer informing them of the issues and possible schedule spillage.

RoHS Compliance

In 2006 European Union stopped the import of electronic products with lead and a few other substances. Known as RoHS it dictated the new solder metallurgy. In 2004 Vital Systems played a leading role in offering RoHS compliant soldering technology solutions and we continue to today as we did then.

Powerful ERP, MRP

The entire company operation is run on a single platform Business Management System B2 which puts capturing data from all departments on the servers and eliminating paper. Yes, we are a paperless company. This makes the company run more efficiently and more accurately thereby eliminating unnecessary errors. 

Teams of Experts

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