Ruggedized Controller

In 1989 working on a U.S. Navy project Vital Systems’ engineering and manufacturing skills were put to test by the navy. Their engineers had developed an IFF advanced threat warning detection technology for deployment on U.S. Navy ships. This technology was developed for the Ship Self Defense capability.
Vital Systems was asked to redesign the engineering demonstration unit (EDU) for manufacturability. This ruggedized CPU controller was designed to withstand multiple shock up to 85Gs, vibration, EMI/RFI shielding and more. The CPU Controller was a powerful processing unit employing high speed image processors etc. It had the capability to detect inbound missiles and threatening aircrafts and much more. After this ruggedized CPU Controller was put through navy’s battery of destructive testing it was cleared for production. Vital Systems produced this for the navy for nearly two decades. Today these controllers serve their mission on the U.S. Navy fleet around the world.