Quality Delivered

thumb-electronic-manufacturingVital Systems was founded in 1986 to deliver higher quality standards in electronic manufacturing and since then Vital Systems has put Reno on the map where higher quality products are produced and delivered.  Vital Systems has stable and highly refined processes over these decades of quality manufacturing as part of the quality mindset. That is why we are known for higher standards in workmanship and consistency of quality over the years.

Untested Products 99%

Vital Systems expects that out of every 100 units we ship to our customer, 99 units must work right out of the shipping box. As part of our quality data gathering systems we reach out to our customers to request their test results and we find that over the last 2 years we 1.5% units fail electrical testing when customers perform electrical testing.  Further findings show that half of the failures are due to defective components and the remaining half are due to workmanship related issues.

Tested Products Assured 100%

When Vital Systems performs electrical testing to customer specifications then we guarantee 100 units out of 100 units delivered work right out of the shipping box.

On Time

Vital Systems complies with ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System. As part of our Management Review reporting we see that we deliver assembled products to meet customer’s delivery schedule 99 times out of a 100 instances on a consistent basis. We take great pride in meeting customer schedule, it makes for happy customers.