PCB Assembly

At the heart of all modern electronics there is a PCB assembly that perform the functions the device is designed for.  Vital Systems has 30 years of experience in assembling PCB assemblies to a higher standards in the industry. Meeting tough military and aerospace standards.

Untested First Pass 99%

When we ship PCB assemblies without any electrical testing, we expect 99% of the units to work right out of the box. Results also show that the failures are split between failures caused by the defective components and defects due to workmanship errors.  That is how we maintain a high level of customer confidence in our services. We take pride in this high level of consistent quality performance. 

Tested First Pass 100%

When we ship PCB assemblies that are fully tested then we assure 100% of the PCB assemblies to pass right out of the box.

Prototype Runs

Vital Systems delivers higher quality standards in PCB assembly so we assure these units will work as designed. This helps the design engineers eliminate assembly failure when the prototype units do not work. So they can focus on design issues rather than assembly defects and save time.

Production Capacity

We have the capacity to assemble a million boards annually.