Onsite Inventory

Lets be realistic not every one is cut out to manage inventory well. Especially those who have larger roles to play in small companies and startups. Where the small team wears many hats and there is not enough time given to proper inventory management. Who tracks the inventory and who runs the business becomes an important question. So we offer the perfect solution. Our Onsite Storage option that saves time and money.

Inventory Issues

If the business owners will not manage inventory then the next best option is to hire inventory management team, equipment, storage space, inventory management software, control procedure and the most troublesome factor the accuracy of counts, cycle counts, production disruptions, and the list goes on.

Inventory Solutions

Locating inventory where it will be consumed saves in many ways, reduces labor costs, eliminates multiple handling, packaging and freight and most of all it eliminates the inventory issues and frees the business leaders to run their business.  Vital Systems offers a simple secure hassle free solution that works.

Onsite Solutions

We locate customer inventory in dedicated spaces in our facility. The inventory is already there where it is needed. Materials are kept in ESD or MSL safe environment with accurate counts kept current in real time.  The inventory status is provided through our website and this literally puts the information at the customer’s finger tips and eliminates the need for an inventory system. Customers can access and check inventory status at anytime at their own convenience.  Most importantly if they choose not to touch their inventory they can dropship the materials to Vital Systems directly from their suppliers. Our Materials team receives the incoming materials, performs the Receiving Inspection and moves acceptable materials into the inventory with the counts updated in real time.

MRP Option

Customers have the ability to run easy to use MRP function online and plan the future product runs with just a few clicks.

Transaction History

We provide detailed transaction history for each inventory item. This information is available through our website in real time.

Preparing for Production

Against customer production order the team at Vital Systems pulls and prepares the kit for the manufacturing floor.  Kit is released when complete. After the production run the materials team is responsible for verifying material losses within acceptable limits. After the counts the retuned kit is placed back in the inventory and counts updated on the website.