Mechanical Design

Designing and engineering electronic devices involves a lot of precision mechanical design. We are very good at designing new products.

Most electronic devices today have some kind of a display capability, PCB assembly, mechanical parts, battery, antenna, connectors, cables and ports for connectivity and etc. All these components that make up the products are precisely designed as they must fit within tight tolerances to make the product function properly and aesthetically look like a high quality product.

This is the role of Vital Systems engineers. Who develop electronics, mechanical components and enclosure to house all the subassemblies to fit like a glove. We use 2D and 3D design tools but the difference is the engineers who bring perfection in design with their decades of experience.

We design plastic injection molded parts or laser cut or stamped and break press folded sheet metal parts and even machined mechanical parts. If there is a part we need we design it and build it.