Head Impact Monitor

thumb-electronic-manufacturingWorking closely with the customer, Vital Systems engineered the electronics of this highly sophisticated head impact monitoring system. We delivered the prototype units in just six weeks. Prototype units worked flawlessly and without any changes the monitor was released for production.

The head impact monitor quantifies and tracks head impacts in sporting events. It is used during youth, high school and college-level athletic practices and games. It is capable of detecting and reporting the force, frequency and location of head impacts under normal conditions. When the impact exceeds a preset threshold, it notifies coaches, athletic trainers or other sideline personnel that a significant impact has occurred via email or text message. If the athlete is unstable on his or her feet following an impact, the system is sensitive enough to report sway as well. This system is also a powerful tool for teaching beginners proper contact technique and is useful for behavior modification. Courtesy: Triax Technologies Inc. www.triaxtec.com