Firmware Development

Today, the majority of the electronic products on the market are based on microprocessor controllers.  For these products to work properly the microprocessors need instructions to carry out those functions. These instructions are the firmware code the engineers write and place it in the memory so that the controller follows these instructions faithfully.

At Vital Systems we have 30 years of experience in developing electronic equipment for various industries. Our engineers have decades of experience in hardware design and writing firmware.  When done correctly these two elements assure the device will perform flawlessly.  Keeping all engineering skills connected is how we are able to design new products quickly and efficiently and free from mistakes. That is how we engineer new prototype units that go into production without changes. This is how Vital Systems saves our customers time and money while developing new products.

Vital Systems is strong at writing code in majority of the languages and very strong in developing databases applications for cloud or server based applications. From Concept to Market this is our specialty. Call us.