Electronic Design & Engineering

From Napkin Sketches

We start with our customer’s ideas and often napkin sketches. Then we offer a variety of leading edge solutions across a broad range of technologies and industries. For 30 years, Vital Systems has helped our customers engineer better products and the wealth of knowledge we bring from this experience is what sets us apart.  Our experience adds value to our customer’s ideas and the level of sophistication in design and engineering we bring, that is the difference that manifests itself in the quality of products we help develop.


We work closely with our customers and build on their ideas by offering powerful electronic design and engineering services. Before we engineer prototype units we make sure our customers are completely satisfied with all the features they want in their product. It is easier to change the design on paper than once it is implemented. Features like aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality, reliability and more. Once approved by the customer we gather inputs from our manufacturing and engineering teams to refine the prototype development to make sure, when we commit to delivering a prototype run that the prototype units are ready for the production lines right from the start. For the last 8 quarters we have taken every prototype run into production with no changes that is the Vital Systems difference.


In a matter of weeks, we convert these pioneering ideas into working prototype units ready for testing. While the customer puts these prototype units through testing, we focus on manufacturability. We monitor the testing processes to validate the design features and product performance. In most cases we design and engineer the product to meet various test agencies requirements to help eliminate costly regulatory testing of the product.

Supply Chain

Also, during the engineering phase we establish supply chain channels for lower cost components selection and availability to meet schedules and eliminate obsolescence and other unforeseen issues.

Manufacturing Capacity

Vital Systems has the capacity to build from a few prototype units to full scale large production runs by the thousands of units each month. We work closely with our customers in establishing their timelines for their roll out of the new product.