ECG Machine

ECG MachineVital Systems was asked by a pharmaceutical efficacy testing company to redesign an obsolete ECG Machine, that they had been using for a long time. The older machine was based on 1980s technology with large bulky microprocessors, memory chips and EEPROM originally used in the IBM PC when personal computers were first introduced.
Vital Systems proposed a complete fresh approach for the new design. We engineered the electronics and the new hardware to implement a touch screen instead of buttons. Added USB capability to provide computer connectivity. Replaced the 1970 memory button technology with scan capability. We wrote the firmware and the application to run 12 touch screens for input and output of various activity screens. We also implemented the playback capability of the captured ECG on the screen and much more. The plastic injection molded enclosure was designed at Vital Systems. The prototype was delivered on schedule in 6 months to an exited customer.