BGA Specialization

BGA & QFN Specialization

BGA & QFN Devices

BGA and QFN devices are the work horse equivalent of the modern electronics. These surface mounted devices have revolutionized modern electronics by making them smaller and faster. BGA & QFN devices pack increasingly more capabilities and more processing power in smaller and smaller foot prints. This miniaturization is largely responsible for the modern hand held electronics. As a result the industry today is able to pack the power of a PC computer and much more in a smart phone, and yet these smart phones are faster, less power hungry and they do far more than a PC.

BGA Specialization

Vital Systems specializes in assembling BGA devices in large numbers every year. We pride in our mastery over the processes of populating a million BGA with less than 30 defects. Process management and process monitoring at Vital Systems is driven by our quality systems that have been put in place to guarantee perfection in BGA mounting on PCB assemblies. We have the capability to populate large BGA over 2000 pins and the tiniest BGA with 4 balls measuring 2 millimeter square and everything in between with the same precision and confidence year after year, that is how we deliver excellence.

QFN Specialization

In addition to the shrinking electronic device these ever small devices are now packed with power to process what is needed and most of the time these devices generate heat as a by product. If heat is not effectively drawn away from these devices then that has the potential of destroying these devices. Vital Systems assures that our processes are regulated so precisely that the heat generated is safely removed. This is where experience matters.