B2 Enterprise Management System

Business, engineering and process data management is central to any business and as we generate enormous amounts of data every day we came up with a solution.  To manage this volume of data we developed our own Enterprise Management System and named it B2. This system runs the entire company on a single platform and completely in a paperless environment.  The system runs in real time and any report that are printed become instantly become obsolete.

B2 increases accuracy, streamlines processes and reduces waste which saves time and lowers our operating costs. Product quality is drastically enhanced which reflects on the quality of our services we provide to our customers. B2 delivers pertinent information to our customers in form of numerous reports and tools for planning future production runs and monitoring delivery and much more.

Traceability of Materials

Military and aerospace customers require traceability of material. This feature is not offered by most of the contract manufacturers.  The process is very data intensive and requires extensive team training to handle traceable materials and the traceability reporting requirements. B2 was designed to simplify this process and present traceability data automatically for the customer use online in real time.

More than ERP & MRP System

B2 is much more than a smart Enterprise Management System that runs the entire company, in fact is far more than an MRP, ERP systems. It has full cost accounting system, program management capabilities and comprehensive HR management system. It truly delivers every data point, be it historic or be it trend analysis for the future, all that and much more is all there at our finger tips, in real time.

B2 has a strong Quality Management System, “years ahead of its time.” as noted by our ISO9001 auditor.  This system has a very powerful process management capability with machine to machine communication. Strong SPC with Six Sigma rating and trend analysis features and much more.

B2 Helps Deliver Excellence

This is how Vital Systems offers excellence in quality, on time delivery, onsite material management and presents critical data to our customers online all in real time. To experience the power of B2 we encourage our customers to schedule a tour of our facility and see for themselves the power of B2 and how they can benefit from it.