Celebrating 30 Years

On October 9, 2015 Vital Systems started its 30 years in business. We commemorated the occasion by inviting our customers and our business partners to tour the facility and to see the products we have designed as they are being produced. More importantly this evening was for our team to show their appreciation to our customers for their business. There was music, food and drinks to help wind down a busy week. Then to everyone’s surprise our team spontaneously stepped up and started to dance to the music and commemorate the occasion and entertain our guests. All in all everyone was glad they attended our party and everyone seemed to have had a good time. We were honored to host many of our customers who had come to celebrate this anniversary with us. Some local and many who came from out of state.

Customer’s Comment

One such customer is an engineer who had designed the electronics for the manned mission to explore the RMS Titanic. In his remarks he told those attending that his prime reason for selecting Vital Systems in 1986 was for its military grade electronic assembly capabilities.  He said, he has continued to work with Vital Systems for the past 30 years, because the company has maintained the quality standards and has grown its capabilities to compete with the Silicon Valley CMs.